F-117 Fans-Must Read

Hi All,
I just received the new issue of Wings magazine (Feb. 05) and just
couldn't believe what was in there. The text is most detailed
coverage of F-117 development than I have ever read anywhere else and
the opening spread has 782 with the Baja Scorpions logo painted on the
bottom practically flying off the page. Followed by construction,
testing and pics of the wooden mockup loaded with 'special' weapons
along with a few new XST and Have Blue photos. A shot of 785 after the
accident, more Flag, Skunk and Scorpion paint job pics and even one
aircraft that has been stripped of RAM and painted with "TOXIC DEATH"
on the side. One page has beautiful shots of the elusive Gray bird that
Lockheed tested back in 1993 and would you believe a VTOL F-117A? Well
don't, it was just a joke the guys played using the F-117 pole model.
If you don't find it on the newsstand you can order it direct from
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All in all it is well worth the $5, you won't
be disappointed.
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Actually, you still see a grey one every now and then...
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They recently painted an F-117A in the grey 'ghost' scheme that's being used on the F/A-22 to determine the viability of using the Nighthawk during daylight.
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Is the -22's grey any different from the -15's grey? It just looks like grey to me.
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hoarse with no name

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