[FFSMC] News Letter #3

Good evening to all,
The FFSMC continues its reshaping, with new soon available functions.
One of the new modules is an auction service, almost an ebay like
about features (including the possibility of immediate purchase), but
with a considerable difference: the salers are not obliged to pay us
royalties ( Even though a donation, even small, is always appreciated).
In the meantime, we have the pleasure to propose to you new
Update Tiger I, with in particular interesting details of the tracks
Tiger II
PzKw IV (Fd. Kfz.161)
Soon (photos are in the course of treatment):
Domain military:
Bren Carrier (USA)
Marmon Errington SARK Mk IV (South Africa, Free French version)
Semovente M42 ( Italy)
M15 / 42 ( Italy)
Mobile kitchen (Germany)
Half Track M2 (USA, France version, War of Indochina)
Plus a surprise armour (Germany) (in fact I lost the name of the
machine, which looks like a Panzer I)
Domain aviation:
In the same time, wallpapers continues to be sent on-line. Some arise
from photos taken during the magnificent contest which took place last
weekend in the Museum of Saumur''''''''s armored cars. Magnificent
New analyses arrive, with in particular products that many of us hoped
to see arriving one day on the market, as various types of barbed wire
(Eduard, PE), as camouflage nettings (Eduard also, PE), or more exotic,
but absolutely fabulous, as the bicycle used by Britishs paratroops
during the WWII, 1/48 scale, and with an absolutely fabulous sharpness.
Best regards
Chris Flying Frog
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