Fire at Yankee Air Museum

Here is a copy of the news bulletin from the Yankee Air Museum website:
The Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport suffered a disastrous fire last
night that destroyed the historic hangar that housed the museum. The museum
staff was able to move the historic B-17, C-47 and B-25 aircraft out of the
building, thus saving the heart of the collection. In addition, all the
historic aircraft on display outside of the main building were untouched by the
fire. While many irreplaceable artifacts, photos and books were lost in the
fire, the Volunteers at the museum are thankful that the aircraft collection
remains largely intact. Only a small number of non-flyable aircraft that were
in restoration inside the hangar were lost.
The Yankee Air Museum members, staff and volunteers are determined to rebuild
the museum facilities and continue the great work that was begun in 1981 by a
small group of visionaries who were dedicated to preserving this important
piece of aviation and Southeastern Michigan history.
The Michigan Aerospace Foundation, the sister organization of the museum which
was formed to plan and fund future expansion of the museum facilities, will now
be working hard to raise the necessary funds to re-build the museum as soon as
possible. Working with Willow Run Airport and the Yankee Air Museum, the
Foundation will be seeking funding and other help from Foundations,
Corporations and Individuals as it works to replace what has been lost.
The Yankee Air Museum and the Michigan Aerospace Foundation would like to ask
that anyone with an interest in helping to rebuild the museum, please contact
the Foundation.
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Waco glider, C-60, L-39, and F-105 destroyed.
That's the report I received. The Waco is irreplacable. hth
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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There are a few around in museums but finding one to replace their example is close to impossible. These craft were made to be disposable after initial use and being unpowered, you're not going to find any "hanging around" in scrapyards awaiting restoration.
I recall seeing a DFS-230 in a museum somewhere on the 'net. That's even rarer. Good thing there was never an Assault Glider Ban. (no bayonet mounts!) Cheers,
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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