FS: 1/72nd Scale Decal Sheets (Longish)

I prefer to sell to USA or Canada only. Will accept personal checks or Paypal.
I've got the following 1/72nd scale decal sheets for sale:
ESCI F-86 Sabres (USAF, Norway, Germany, RAAF, RAF, Canada) $5.00 ESCI SM.79 Sparviero (4 different aircraft) $5.00 ESCI WW-2 National Insignia (3 different types and round fasces fin insignia) $5.00 ESCI Fairey Battle & Westland Whirlwind (4 of both types) $5.00 ESCI Mirage III (Pakistan, Israel, France, SAAF, Lebanon) $5.00 ESCI F-4 Phantom II (USAF, RN, RAAF, Iran, USN (VF-143 & VF-31) $5.00 ESCI Misc (SBD - France, PZL P.11, Gladiator - Belgium, partial markings for Brazilian P-47D) $2.50 ESCI Fairey Swordfish & Fulmar (3 complete Swordfish markings and 2 partials, also markings for one Fairey Fulmar) $3.00 Scalemaster - F-106A Delta Dart ("City of Jacksonville" FL ANG Bicentennial scheme) Paper yellowed at edges, decal appears to be ok. $5.00 Graphy-Air P-47D Thunderbolt (9 French aircraft) $8.50 Almark (#S2) RNZAF Kittyhawk IV, F4U-1(D?) Corsair, Mustang IV $4.00 ABT P-47D 56th FG Hub Zemke's UN*Z with "Zemke's Wolfpack" lettering on nose. Partial markings for "Little Chief" $2.00 ABT French AF 33 Escadre: F-5B (P-38) Lightning (Ste Exupery's markings), P-51K (F-6D) R7K, Mirage IIIR 33-TA $7.50 Repli-Scale MiG-29 Fulcrum (E Germany, Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, USSR, N Korea, Czechoslovakia, India) $7.50 Modeldecal (No.12) Phantom FGR.2 (17 Sqn RAF, 1971), F-104G (Belgium, 1970) $7.50 Modeldecal (No 17) T-33 (RCAF 1967), Saab J-35 Draken (Denmark, 1971), Mosquito FB.6 (RAF, 1949), A-4G Skyhawk (RAN, 1969), A-4K (RNZAF) $7.50 Modeldecal (No 96) Mirage V-BA (Belgium, 1987 2 Sqn Special Scheme) Westland Wessex (21 Different aircraft) $12.00 Modeldecal (No 30) RAF Phantom, Jaguar & Javelin (Dutch S-2 markings already used) $4.50 Modeldecal (No 72) Phantom FG.1 (A&AEE Raspberry Ripple, 1983 IAT scheme), Phantom FG.1 (RAF 111 Sqn, 1983 IAT), Victor K.2 (58 Sqn, 1983) $10.00 Modeldecal (No 43) F-4EJ (JASDF, 1976), Jaguar GR.1 (RAF 1977), F-84F (France, 1961), F-104G (Neth AF, 2 a/c, 1976/77), TF-104G (Neth AF, 2 a/c) $10.00 Modeldecal (No 44) Phantom FG.1 (RN, 1977), Lynx (Netherlands, 1977), AD-4N (France, 3 a/c), F-104J & TF-104J (JASDF, 4 a/c 1977) $10.00 Modeldecal (No 45) Lightning F.3 & F.6 (RAF), F-5A (Norway, "Jokers" aerobatic Team), Mirage F.1 (France EC 1/12), BAe Hawk (RAF, RAF Valley) Sea King HAS.50 (RAN, 817 Sqn) $10.00 Carpena Spitfire Exotics Part 2: LF.IX (RNethAF), Mk.Vb (Portugal), Mk.Ia (RAF 610 Sqn, Sept 1940, DWK), Mk.IIb (306 (Polish) Sqn, Aug 1941), Mk.Vc (USAAF, HLAA), Mk.Vc (RAAF, 79 Sqn, UPG) Partial Sheet (French and Irish markings used) $4.50 Almark (No C1) Battle of Britain Spitfires (2) & Blenheim (1) (2 roundels missing) $4.00
S&H - $1.00 for 1st sheet and $.50 for each additional sheet. Some of these sheets are fairly old, I would recommend testing a marking you're not going to use and if necessary use Micro-Scale's Super film, or your favorite decal film/sealer). If you've got any questions, please e-mail me at: snipped-for-privacy@aol.com
Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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