German fighters w/rockets? in Von Ryan's Express

did what appear to be 109s have unguided rockets? - the railway scene
at the end of the movie
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The Airfix Bf.109G did come with underwing rockets that looked like American bazookas. Also came with underwing machine guns or cannons,
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The Old Man
Musicman59 wrote in news:d19b145a-c9db-4dce-b752-
Those were 108s. I suppose anything is possible.
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Gray Ghost
That's what I recall too - Me 108s. Got to see one up close at an airshow once.
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IIRC the Germans had some small rockets - 50mm? -- called the R4M which were barrage rockets (e.g. fighter gets behind a bomber and volleys all of them at one shot to try and knock it down. Even the Me262 was supposed to carry some.)
Ones with the Airfix Bf-109 were 20 cm ones from what I recall, used on the Eastern Front. But for the most part they were nothing like the British 60 and 90 pdr ones or the US 3.5": 4.5" and 5" ones for either numbers or applications to aircraft.
Cookie Sewell
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I think the FW-190 had some also, there are some after market kits for odd German rocketry and other weapons.
Best one was 'German atomic weapons' no doubt that would create much gnashing of teeth at an IPMS judging...
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