Heller Mirage 2000N in 72nd scale

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IT's not horrible... It's typical of all Heller kits; soft plastic, a good deal of flash, and the ASMP missile needs some sanding and filling to look right. I've got two in the box still and haven't actually put any glue to the parts. Having dry fitted the ASMP (I bought one kit JUST for the missile, I'm going to put it on one of my Mirage IV's) for one I can tell that the rest of the kit isn't going to go great.
The raised detail is really crisp, but there's virtually no de- tail for the cockpit or gear wells. If you're trying to build a GOOD model then invest in some PE.
Hope this helps!
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As far as I'm aware, yes, the Heller kit is the only Mirage 2000N in 1/72.
I've just checked the sprues and the Heller Mirage 2000N, 2000B, 2000C (Nos. 80321, 80322, 80303, repsectively) and Airfix Mirage 2000C (No. 03061) are all from the same mold. Two of the spures are common to all these kits with the different fuselages, cockpits, and underwing stores included on a third spure. From what I can tell, the Mirage 2000C was the original source kit with all raised panel lines. The 2000B and 2000N both have the same two-seat fuselage, cockpit, and canopy. Oddly, the two-seat fuselages have engraved panel lines. The 2000N includes ASMP and Magic missiles and large underwing fuel tanks. The 2000B includes smaller underwing fuel tanks and Magic missiles. The 2000C includes Magic and Mica missiles.
These are not bad kits considering the price. The cockpits are a little lacking in fine detail and the intakes need a little work to fit right, but they do look like Mirage 2000s when finished.
Heller also released a Mirage 2000N in 1/48 scale about 12 years ago. Again, this kit was part of a mulit-version release of the Mirage 2000 mold with Heller producing a Mirage 2000C and 2000N while Airfix released a 2000B. I imagine the differences are similar to those in the 1/72 kits.
Italeri also produced a 1/72 Mirage 2000D which, at least to me, looks the same as a Mirage 2000N except for the underwing stores.
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