help for curved plate steel bridge needed

I am in need of details to make a curved bridge.

the radius is 30". & I am wanting to use a steel plate type bridge set on piers. the spans will be approx scale 40' between piers, with 4 spans over all

Searching the Walthers site I can't find anything except straight models

Anyone know if a curved type is manufactured or some tips on making one using the straight plates.

I realise that in the real world the bridges were constructed usin shor sections joined to form the curve allowing for the sleepers & track to overhang etc. but any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Colin Hussey from Australia

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I think I remember a curved bridge from Faller but that was from a catalogue several years ago. Generally you're correct about straight spans being used to build curves but I think I have seen some prototypical curved plate bridges in pictures.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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