Help with CD Rom

I have a cd-rom disk done on an Apple that indicates it's a CMX File.
Working with our Compaq Presario was useless. Two different places tried to
open it on their Macs without success.
The local Apple store tried without success and said that they had never heard
of CMX Files.
The CD-Rom is from Hong Kong and contains the decal art for our new Super King
Air kit, so it's important, to say the least. Sitting here with all those kits
and unable to do the decals.
Anybody out there know anything about CMX Files?
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Hmmm...I had never heard of the .cmx extension. It turns out that it is an extension used for certain image files, in Corel software.
Try this link for info:
formatting link
Perhaps you can install the software, and possibly convert the .cmx files, to a format that you can use? Try a google on "converting .cmx files". Perhaps there is a free-ware app available that will do it.
I am appalled me that the people at the Apple store could not (or perhaps "would not") give you an answer. Don't they have computers running in their shop? Are they connected to the internet?
Tell them these four words:
"Google is your friend."
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Greg Heilers
Okay....I should have tried this first. Since I run Linux, I simply used the command line:
[[[gheilers@darkstar1:~]]] convert image.jpg image.cmx
The image.cmx opens and displays just like any other image file.
I then tried:
[[[gheilers@darkstar1:~]]] convert image.cmx image.png
The new image.png file also opens and displays like any good image file.
This tells me that the formats are pretty cooperative with one another. Are you running OS/X on the Apple? If so, is the "convert" command available? (given the OS's *nix roots....)
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Greg Heilers
CMX is a Corel file extension.
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