High quality gearbox

A friend of mine made a pretty neat project last year. It was a scale
model of a fully working grain elevator. I was responsible for looking
after all the electronic controls and computer interface. He built the
elevator to show kids how a grain elevator works and has had it on
display at several large exhibitions. The elevator is fully working and
comes with a working G scale train and grain cars. There is also a
remote control semi trailer which hauls the grain into the elevator.
The elevator then fills the train and then the train goes to a spot
where it can dump into the semi and then the semi drives into the
elevator again.
The weak part here is the semi trailer, he has stripped the gears in
the gearbox several times. When the kids drive the semi some are quite
hard on it and ram into walls. The semi was never designed for this
kind of use but it was the only one we could find that was close to the
size. The semi has 1.5 inch diameter wheels and the tractor part of the
semi is 10 inches long by 4 inches wide. We would like a speed of about
100 feet per minute. He has asked me to find a better quality gearbox
that will stand up abuse a bit better. The best source I have found so
far is Tamiya, but the gears still don't look to robust.
I would really like to know where we could find either a complete more
rugged semi, a source of a good quality gearbox or to be pointed to a
different newsgroup if this is not the approriate one.
Thanks in advance
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Also many surplus stores carry electric motors with integrated reduction gearing (metal) if you do some searching for them.
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Peter W.
"grc" skrev i en meddelelse news: snipped-for-privacy@z34g2000cwc.googlegroups.com...
Try to find a Faulhaber motor. The price is high, but the quality is high too.
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Uffe Bærentsen
Yes Ufe, you are correct on both counts.
In USA, try:
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Peter W.

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