Looking for kits or conversion parts

I am looking for a kit or aftermarket conversion parts to make the two seat
version of a P-51B Mustang. I would also like a kit of any F-82B/E/F or G
twin mustang. As always your help is greatly appreciated. Pete
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Pete, What scale are you talking about? There is a decent 1/72 and a decent 1/48 kit of the F-82 (G, I think?)
On the two-seat conversion of the P-51B, there was a nice write up in FSM a few years ago for the P-51B 'The Stars Look Down' which was a two-seat field conversion. I don't think that conversion would be overly complicated.
thelaws wrote:
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Hey, It's Me!
Can't help with the two-seater conversion, but IMHO the Tamiya P-51B in 1/48th is the best one out there, probably the easiest kit I've ever built. Now, for the F-82... You've got, basically, three options. The Monogram 1/72nd scale kit, the Hobbycraft 1/72nd kit (a copy of the Monogram kit) and Modelcraft Canada's 1/48th scale kit. This is available in the day fighter and night fighter versions. I've got the day fighter kit, and have yet to start it. From what I understand it's a real bear to build, especially if you want an accurate F-82. IIRC there's a review on Modelling Madness or Aircraft Resource Center that goes into great detail on the mods needed. HTH
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Don McIntyre
In 1/72 scale there is a P-51B two-seat conversion from LF Models in cast resin with a vacuformed canopy.
D> > Pete,
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