LRDG/SAS figures in 1/32 or 1/35?

What would be the best starting point to populate my Tamiya LRDG truck? I have the SAS jeep, but the figures from there are going into a jeep with the Legend accessories. I want to do a "meeting in the desert" scene, with the truck and jeep, but the truck only has one guy in it. Are there any deep-desert figures, with burnous's and goggles, outside of the SAS kit? If not, did the LRDG on the road look anything like Tamiya's newly-reissued 8th Army guys? Or anyone else?

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Just about any British Army figure fron the WW-II era could be used. They often wore shorts and rolled up sleeves but there were plenty of times when it got cold in the desert, particularly at night in the winter. you can make the "rope" and "tablecloth" for their head covering from string and white glue-soaked tissue.

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