SAS figures in 1/35

I've just gone slightly mad and decided to build an SAS Jeep using the Tamiya Willys MB and Legend conversion set. Does anyone know of any seated

1/35 WWII desert theatre SAS men to sit in it? Or does anyone have the two figures from the earlier Tamiya SAS jeep that they don't want and would be willing to part with?

(I think I'm subconsciously working through the 60s-vintage Pan war stories paperbacks I had as a child: it was "The Golden Horsehoe" that got me into the Revell U-boat, and this is obviously "The Phantom Major". I have no idea where "The Wooden Horse", "Popski's Private Army" or "The Sea Shall Not Have Them" will lead...)

Best regards, Matt

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There are/were a set of two Arab dressed SAS men by Verlinden. One man is seated, the other standing holding a pipe. I've seen it at my local shop.

Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at

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Rob Gronovius

You might also want to consider the reverse approach: the SAS jeep is still available. You could simply buy one (not that expensive), and then sell it on without the drivers to someone who just needs a jeep.


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