Jeep to go with the Dragon 2nd SAS Regiment figures??

In Cookie's review of the figures he mentioned a Para Scout Jeep would be a great addition to these figures.

Could the below jeep work with them?

thx - Craig

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I would think that jeep would be fine.


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Yes, the Italeri Commando Jeep depicts an SAS vehicle in its 1944 configuration (The old Tamiya SAS Jeep was configured for the desert in 1942--it also had all the accuracy problems of the original 1970's vintage Tamiya Jeep kit). If you want a little more detail, swipe the SAS fittings from the Italeri kit and put it on one of the new, retooled Tamiya Jeeps (not strictly necessary--the Italeri Jeep can be built quite nicely with a little extra work). GPO

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