Recommend a good, easy 1/48 WWI German Fighter?

I"m not a WWI guy but these figures look interesting (see link)
formatting link

can anyone suggest a good 1/48 fighter that won't cause me too much
headaches for a fun diversion into WWILand?
the Albatross looks nice but I don't wanna deal with lozenge camo....
thx for any ideas..
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Almost any WW1 aircraft is gonna be a bear, especially if you want to rig it properly. For that reason alone, I'd suggest the Dragon Fokker Dr.1 (the infamous triplane). It was available as Werner Voss's a/c, all black with writing on the top wing (IIRC, it translated as "Still remember me?), and the tripe is almost riggng free. I've got one, but not yet built - should be all right fit, though.
Anyone else?
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Rob Grinberg
Try the new Roden Fokker D.VII late model kit. Pros - very little rigging, great detail in interior & engine compartment, accurate outline. cons - problem with fit of nose panels (nothing a little sanding can't fix) and short N struts on wings. Many different color schemes, including the easiest one - Herman Goering's all white aircraft - no lozenge at all on this one! Dave
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David Calhoun
Junkers D1 Criminally easy.
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Tom Cervo
The 1.48 scale Roden Foker D-VII is an easy build. It's nicely molded, goes together pretty well and has a bare minimum of rigging.
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Bill Woodier
I've recently started the new Revell 1/72 Fokker Dr1 triplane, which is going well and the struts are of a good design as they go through the centre wing, making things much better and will be doing these next.
Of course I will be doing the traditional all red affair. Have other eduard kits to do but always been put off by the struts, so this revell offering seemed a good start.
Cheers, Stephen
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Stephen Leslie
Oops, just noticed it was 1/48th scale kits.
Well in that case any of the recent Eduard kits seem a good bet as their moulding is nice and crisp and are also good for getting started with brass etch details for5 cockpit areas.
I've yet to build any but definately worthwhile lookig at.
Cheers, Stephen
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Stephen Leslie

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