WWI in 1/72

The WWI in 1/72 book project is proceding quite nicely. 1,489 aircraft
kits and models so far with a great many figures and vehicles.
I could use some help in some of the other subjects, though. If anyone
would like to help with railroad engines and rolling stock, ships and
boats and the various aircraft accessories such as engines and
armament please drop me a line.
The kind of help I need involves identifying whether or not a kit
subject fits into the 1914-1918 time frame. I can't afford to pay, but
I'll certainly give credit in the book.
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Aircraft only or armor/ground vehicles as well? If so, i can repost this or a link to this message in the ML Braille Scale forum.
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All subjects relating to 1914-1918 in 1/72 scale (1/76 and close as well as OO Gauge).
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