WWI 1/72 Assistance Needed

I've been delving deeply into WWI subjects in 1/72 scale for a new
book. I have tons of material, especially box art, but I need help in
some of the subject matter.
Aircraft and aircraft accessories are a done deal. Vehicles, vehicle
accessories as well as conversions are proceding nicely, but I could
use some advice.
It's the other stuff that I need help with. Most figure kits and sets
are pretty well described, but I know that there is more out there
than what I have. I really need help with Ships/Boats, Artillery,
Aircraft Armament, Engines, Ground Equipment, Wheels, Railway stuff,
Structures, Dioramas and decals.
If you are well-versed in any/all of these subjects and wouldn't mind
volunteering a bit of time, please contact me.
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