WWI Russian Figures

Does anyone know of a source for color information on uniforms of both
Imperial and Red armies from WWI and Revolution era?
I'm doing a stack of figures for a client, all 1/72 scale, and it's an
area that I am not well versed in. I could also use some help on paint
mixes for these lttle guys.
Another first time effort involves horses. The Red 1st Cavalry set has
some nce horses and I am also doing a horse cart for a WWII diorama.
Anybody care to share a good method for realstic painting for horses in
this scale?
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Osprey and Europa Militaria both offer books on period uniforms. Osprey's Men at Arms books have a selection of annotated color drawings in the center section, while Europa Militaria's books are color photos of period uniforms worn by live models. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens
I recommend acrylic paints. There's so much variety one can get by mixing and shading whilst the colours are wet. You might want to get a chestnut brown colour as that seems to be the main colour of military horses. I don't recall many whites or greys - unless you're doing the Scots Greys. A long time back there was an article in FSM on painting horses. I'll bet you have it in your files. :)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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I'll seek them out. I like the Osprey series, great color work.
Gerald Owens wrote:
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As others have suggested, seek out an Osprey book on the period. Since you are working in 1/72nd scale... "accurate" colors are not that important. You would definitely want to lighten the colors to take into account the "scale effect", otherwise they will appear too dark. And since you will want to exaggerate the shading and highlighting (again, to compensate for "scale effect"), very little of the original colors will be seen in the final product...so as long as you are relatively close...(and also take into consideration things such as quality control back then, vegetable dyes, effects of weathering and heavy use, etc.)
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Greg Heilers
Thanks Greg. I have used these methods on other projects with a good deal of success.
Our local Borders just got a big selection of Osprey books in. I'll go through them and see if they have the book(s) that I need. If not, they can run it down if it's still in print.
I'm going to dig for the Fine Scale Modeler collection to see if I can find the article on painting horses.
Thanks again,
Greg Heilers wrote:
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