It was *that* close!

I almost got rid of all my stuff. But I still have a bunch of basic
modelling tools left, because I just can't bear to part with them. And
so it happens that a retiring AF pal of mine knows a guy. This guy is
also retiring. He's a big Wild Weasel fan, so my buddy wants to
present him with some special retirement presents. So he calls me.
"Hey, you know anything about Wild Weasels?"
"Sure - well, a little."
"Can you do a couple of models in a big scale?"
"I suppose - how big?"
"As big as you can get a Vietnam-era and modern-era Wild Weasel plane
I told him I'd get back to him on this. It isn't an IPMS show project
- an OOB + paint and decal. No AMS worries, just a good job in the
right colors and markings.
My problem - I never had any WW reference materials, and I don't know
where to start on that. I'd like to do a 1/32nd Thud and F4 project,
but I'd need to have some sort of reference work in order to procure
the correct models, paint and decals. Anyone know of a good
book/website that can get me started in the wide, wild world of Wild
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Ed Pirrero
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Try a Google on wild weasels. Lots of pics.
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Thanks, Bill.
Yeah, the web has some decent photos, but I need some additional info that only the printed word can deliver - like typical sortie loadout, specific aircraft models, etc.
I found my Googling to be wanting in that respect.
I was willing to add an additional tome to my warbird library, too. I may just have to find a particular aircraft, and e-mail the unit to see if there's some historic info that someone can give me.
Thanks again,
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Ed Pirrero
Go to eBay or and get "Wild Weasel: The SAM Suppression Story" by Larry Davis (about $10 give or take a couple bucks) or get "F-105 in Action." Both have good pictures.
If you want an accurate WW, go to and search for F-105. They have several correction sets (the Trumpeter kit is about a 75% solution) as well as the metal landing gear which you will definitely need for the 1/32 beast. There are also aftermarket decals out the wazoo from several manufacturers which are carried by many retailers including Squadron and Meteor Productions.
Ed Robbeloth
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You might try visiting:
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Lots of good Thud stuff here.
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The Collector

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