Just gone mad with Lima DMUs

3 x 3 coach Lima 117 DMUs 1 x 2 coach DMU 2 extra centres

Out bid on the spare end car - for DMSO purposes

I need 4 DMSO conversions and I have enough bits for 1

Tempted to scrap the 2 car and produce a 121, and 2 DMSO conversions

Anyway this will provide

a blue 118 a non GWR 117 (can't decide on colour but I have already painted one up as B430 (later T305 then 117 305)

2 116 power cars Enough bits to produce a 116 trailer, there is an error in the 117 trailer - I am sure the toilet section is one bay, but is 4.5mm too short, so do I make teh 116 trailer 4.5mm longer, or suffle up all the windows?
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Martin (BT)
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On 19/02/2012 6:55 PM, Martin (BT) wrote: [snip musings]

You look at it from 3ft away....

Wolf K.

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Wolf K

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