DC output from decoder, can you a get any which output smooth DC?

Like many I just connect things up as per instructions and usually they work and I don't worry too much about the technical innards However am I right in thinking that a decoder controls a motor by pulse width rather than just outputting DC at lower volts like an analogue controller or can you get a decoder that does? Reason I'm asking is that I have a wildlife observation camera in the garden and it does seem to eat batterys. It has an input for 6 volts DC and as I have an accessory bus that is near all the places I use the camera it would be an easy way to supply it without the faff of putting in another power supply for it.


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In answer to the question in your subject line: No. You can however insert a voltage control and smoothing circuit between the accessory bus and the camera. One built around an IC in the LM series would do the job. Most handheld analogue controllers are just this type of device, so a second-hand one should work, with a bit of cobbling.

HTH Wolf K.

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Wolf K


I've never seen any. PWM is used as it results in much lower power dissipation in the electronics.

Bridge rectifier, smoothing cap and voltage regulator across the DCC bus, but make the bridge from discrete "ultra fast" diodes such as UF4001, rather than bog standard 1N... types.

If you want to turn the camera on and off then you could do the same on the output of a decoder switched between full speed and stop.


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