M10 Duckbill vs. M36 Jackson

I've been going back and forth btwn the two kits at militaryhobbies.com.

Will someone please tell me what the differences are? I just can't tell. There is only one thing that I could see and that was a ring of somekind around the top of the turret on the Jackson, but other than that, what's up?

thx - Craig

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Quite a bit.

First off, the M10 "Duckbill" is the late model M10 3" GMC with a 76.2mm gun and a turret composed of flat plates.

The M36 is the 90mm GMC with a 90mm turret and a turret composed of rolled steel plates and castings. It is the same chassis but with a different engine and a new gun and turret.

They are QUITE different vehicles.

By the way, the M36 is the more accurate of the two and a better kit, but don't use the bow machine gun option.

Cookie Sewell AMPS

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Hey Craig....

There's a couple of good articles in the "First Looks" section of the December 2003 Internet Modeler that help explain the differences (and similarities) of the two Academy AFV kits.

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Dave Scheel

Just to add my two penn'orth,

I've no doubt that the Academy kits are OK, but the Accurate Armour M10 (late) is a fantastic kit - loads of resin, white metal and photo etch.It's been around for some time, but is well worth looking at. Accurate Armour also did the early version and also the British Achilles version with (IIRC) the

17-pounder gun.


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Biggest difference was the 90-mm on a M-36 vice the 76 on the M-10. Only US armor capable of taking out a Tiger or Panther with the first shot.

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