Just finished a model!

Hey all!

Just finished y Nitto/Fujimi 1/76 M-36 Jackson. No access to alt newsgroups or I'd post pics. This thing is freaking nasty! The suspension is in halves, with one half on the side of the hull. The wheels aren't of sufficient diameter, and there's no blanking plates separating the interior from the exterior of the hull where the tracks are. There's a sweet engine compartment but you can see the top of the tracks through the openings in the hull.

I spent about two hours making hull walls and bulkheads so you can't see outside from inside, spent a good two days on detailing the engine compartment and the drivers'/hull gunner's area. The rest went according to the instructions.

I'm going to give it decals for the 1st Cav in Korea in the early fifties. Then I'm going to be displaying it on my Revell/Matchbox 1/76 Diamond T Tank Transporter. This is going to be seriously sweet. I'm going to have a spare engine and lots of other goodies in the back of the trans- porter.

What say, folks? What's the last model that you actually completed?

BTW, I will be posting pics of it on my web page about modeling the Korean War in 1/72 scale... Just look through the recent posts to see the link.


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Yeah... rub it in. ;-)

Congrats on the completion. I haven't finished anything in a while, but to my credit I haven't started anything new either.


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Last one I finished? Sheesh... IIRC, it was a 72th Revell F4U-something (can't recall the subtype, but it's the one with the 4x20mm cannon) about 3 1/2 years ago. Sweet kit, one of their new tool WW2 series. I've started a few since then, but life's been way too busy for way too long for any of them to be finished - and I don't even have women or kids to blame.

RobG (the Aussie one)

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