Finished Trumpeter Stryker

I just finished the Trumpeter STryker kit. I built it for my son-in-law as a gift. It is the Stryker he was on in Iraw when he got wounded. It came our very nice. I have posted some progress pictures in the binaries group.

YOu know, I really like to build model FOR people; something that means something to them. I built am M-16 Halftrack for a WWII veteran a while back. It turned out great and he loved it.

Lance Ketchikan, Alaska

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the reviews say the kit is not the one used in Iraq....any major differences to make it an issue for the "well it looks like a tank" modeler or is it worth the wait for one that has the correct rivets or whatever.....?


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My son-in-law says it is close enough... it is close enough for me. I sent the pictures to him and he likes it... has his bumper numbers on it and everything. Since I am not a rivet-counter type and just enjoy building for myself mostly I frankly have not checked. AFV and DML both have Stryker kits in the wings. We will just have to see what they are like. No interior on this one, nada, which is a bit of a disappointment, but the thing builds nicely and "looks like a tank" applies.


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Thanx for sharing the pic's I hope your son in law is OK, I really do !

I just got the kit as my younger son is over in Iraq now in STRYKERS He pointed out all kinds of errors, beyond rivet counting. (he was a driver for over a year, now SAW gunner)

According to him, it would take a major rebuild of the hull itself to show the recent version with the additional plate armor, and slat armor over that. But he likes the kit :)

I will start building my kit this week.

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