Anyone had any success de-yellowing old Esci decal sheets?

Got some sheets with nice alternatives on them.

Tried the leave it in the sun thing with other decals with no or very modest success. Is that still the only formula or is another possible.

Hmm maybe scan remove the yellow and reprint?


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Tape the decal sheet to the south facing window for a week or two, the sunlight should clear up the yellowing.

Cheers, Steve

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Indeed ! Worked for me too. On the other hand, I've had very old Airfix sheets and however long they were stuck to the window, it just wouldn't help. What about putting them under a solarium ? Are those the right kind of rays ?


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patrick antoni

I'm not 100% sure about the physics involved, but I believe that the bleaching is caused by ultraviolet rays. Glass blocks most UV. Maybe thinner glass and stronger light is more effective.

The yellowing is caused by acid in the paper. It is possible that the thick old Airfix decals actually are being bleached, but the paper is still yellow. The carrier film on Airfix decals is also very thick and may take a long time to clear up.

Greg Reynolds, IPMS

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Greg Reynolds

I've not had a lot of reason to do that; I just as soon get good decals that respond well to solvent. Decals like that are rarely yellowed.

But just a silly thought as you're talking about UV rays and glass etc... anyone who goes to tanning beds or knows someone who works in a tanning salon? Maybe try 'tanning' to accelerate the de-yellowing process of decals?

I don't have the faintest idea if that would work or not... just a passing thought. A drive-by thought...

--- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

Just make sure you don't get any condensation on the window, otherwise yellowing will be the least of your worries! :-)

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Thanks! Frank

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Gray Ghost

Same here: I had a badly yellowed Revell of Gremany Peterbilt Tow truck decals. I stuck them in a plastic zip-loc bag and taped them to a south facing window. Few weeks later the yellowing was pretty much gone.

Zip-loc bag was used to protect decal from moisture and from the masking tape.

Sun really works. Peteski

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Peter W.

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