mildly OT: Aircraft with most ejector seats?

i was wondering this week while sorting out the air intakes on a

1/72 F-4, which aircraft has had and or has the most ejector seats.

now for most aircraft its one or two but surely the production aircraft with most would be the B-52 at six, [though do the ones still in service have the old gunners seat left in?]. i can't think of a british aircraft with more than three [certain marks of the canberra] unless one chooses to count the valiant that tested a five seat arrangement that was never adopted for the rest of the V-Force. and did all the aircrew on the many and varied variants of the A-3 skywarrior and the B-66 destroyer have ejector seats? some did and some did not it seems.

your thoughts please.


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B-58 Hustler had three....

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Old Timer

I have read that there were no ejection seats on the A-3D, leading to the darkly humorous definition as All 3 Dead.

Don H.

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Don Harstad

Two, like all the V-bombers. The two navs and the AEO had to jump out of the cabin door. This was just about feasible when they were tasked with high-level delivery (as designed) but when they switched to low-level after the U-2 shootdown, the back-seaters had very little chance - only if the pilot could gain enough altitude (with a sick aircraft...). My late father-in-law was a navigator in Vulcans for a while.

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Alan Dicey

S-3 Viking has four. GWB sat on one, with the interesting fact that the canopy does not detach away first. The seats just blast through the glass.

Anyone know if the ejection seat was deactivated for our Mr. President? Or was it hot?

How many escape capsules on Air Force One?

My guess is the Space Shuttle has the most


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Vess Irvine

The EA-6B also has four and we left through the canopy. The A3 (A3D = All three dead) did not have ejection seats but instead a slide out behind the nose well. IIRC the gunners seat back in the tail was not an ejection seat but the gunner simply detached the gun assembly and left in the resulting void. It actually worked pretty well by my understanding. I assume that in the G and H the gunner got a seat like everyone else.

For the GWB question the seat was standard and armed from what I was told by folks in squadron. The guy 102's I'm sure he could remember what the yellow and black handle was for! :)


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Allen Epps

Perhaps I need to clarify that I'm referring to the gunner in the BUFF not the Whale. When the whale was a bomber the gunner sat up front with the rest of the crew.


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Allen Epps


Columbia _had_ two for the initial flights which were removed. The others never had any any.


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Kurt Laughlin

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