More mask/paint questions montex now.

Found thier website and a supplier in the UK. The website leaves something to
be desired some of the kits IDs are off. Like saying that Accurate Miniatures
made 1/32 F-105, F4U and FW 190 (you miss one meeting....) Of course when
youclick the link and see the image it has the correct name and A2Zee Models
formatting link
seems to have them listed correctly,
though they are the only supplier that seems to have almost all of them.
So opinions on Montex, the reviews seem positive. The idea of painting the
markings seems very cool. For Brtish aircraft who makes proper paint for the
roundels blue and red and for that matter the yellow surronds and the leading
edge yellows found on Typhoons?
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Or for that matter, French roundels, Hinomarus, Red stars, etc. I assume for the US you'd start with, duh, Insignia blue and fade to taste.
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The idea of painting the markings seems very cool.
It is!
Many years ago I painted the markings on the Revell 1/32nd Stuka. Desert Camo with the red and white snake along the side. I built up sheets of Magic Tape on wax paper/ 1/8 inch verlap to hold the rows of tape together. Taped the semi transparent wax paper/tape over the zerox copies of the decal sheet and carefully cut out stencils with a new #11 exacto blade. Not easy to handle especially the large snake. The thin black surrounding on the Iron Crosses and the Swastikas was a particular nightmare. I covered the canopy with magic tape, cut out and removed the rib sections. One coat of RLM Gray (as viewed from inside) then second coat of desert yellow for ouside color.
It looked fantastic. Floquil paint was really flat and didn't obscure detail. The paint didn't yellow like decals of the time. It survived two moves.
Then I had it on the work bench to reglue two bombs that fell off - and the cat got to it.
If I ever get out of the asylum I plan to build another. Serioiusly it does make for a great look - it's all paint like on the real aircraft.
Val Kraut
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