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Question for the group: I have a commission to photograph a large number of aircraft and relics for the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in UK. Primary reason is that there is no comprehensive photographic record of all they have, and it would always be good to simply find a picture for publication or research on demand. They also want to make them available to the public in the widest possible way, but of course they need to make a shilling on them as well to help finance the overall project. As I see it, the way that gives the best value and widest access is to construct the whole thing as an html document and put it on a DVD, so that anyone who has bought the DVD, with any browser on any machine will be able to access the whole of it without requiring huge processing horsepower. It may not be the glitziest way of doing it, but it will certainly have longevity and still work in whatever comes along next.

Real hard question I have is this: What resolution do I make the images? (I know about the technicalities). More to the point, are all you folk going to be happy looking at these pix on your monitors at 1024x768, where they will look superb, or are you going to want to print them off, when much higher resolution will be required? Obviously, if the latter is true, it will seriously restrict the number of images we can get on one disc. A set of lo-res AND hi-res pictures would take even more space. Since there are a lot of folk here who have a lot of experience in both research and photography, I would appreciate your views on construction and resolution.

Regards, NigelCH

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as big as you can....can always make them smaller after :)

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2000 x 2MB @2500x1800 4000 x 1MB 8000 x 0.5MB 1024x768

So you can get 2000 5MP on or drop to roughly 3 and get 4000 on

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