Need AMT Engine Pack Corvair turbo engine. Have '60's AMT/Revell engines/parts packs to trade.

I am looking to build a second generation Corvair Turbo model based on
the AMT '69 Corvair coupe kit. I need the Corvair engine (unbuilt &
complete, preferably) from the AMT reissued Engine Pack #38677.
Being an old geezer, I have some original late 1960's Revell and AMT
engine and parts packs, unbuilt and available for trade. These weren't
stored under the best conditions, though some approach mint. Some may
have some chrome flaking off and slightly squashed cardboard packages.
I plan to take pictures and post them to Photobucket. I'm also willing
to buy the Corvair engine outright, which would be simplest.
I will need to dig out the kits, but as I remember, I have the
Revell Ford 427 with twin 4bbl. carbs (I think there may be a
transmission with this). (at least two)
Buick engine with front mounted supercharger (This may be a Chevy 283,
but I will have to check. I'm just about certain there was a Buick
nail-head engine in the pile.)
'58 Chrysler blown Hemi engine. (Two, I think)
a 421 Pontiac engine.
Dragster chassis with body (red plastic).
Accessory kit for show car displays (Stands with cable to rope off the
display area, 1/25 mechanic's tools. These work great with 1/35 armor
service and repair displays.)
I'm thinking there may be some more, but I will have to check, which
may take me a few days.
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