Need help ... seriously

Hullo again. Big problem, I am dead in the water re: building models. I
stopped an few months ago now and just cannot get started again. I have
tried different mods, but just cn't get enthusiastic (maybe should try
euthanized). Real shame is it's about the only thing I enjoyed :(...
any suggestions most appreciated. Tak
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Clean (or start to) all work areas down to bare bench, table, or? Put away everything you're working/stalled on including all the tools, paints glues and etc. If you 're still stymied, (and if you haven't done so in a while) start an inventory of your kits, paints, PE and resins stash. If your inventory is already up to date and you've cleaned and stored everything away without getting the URGE again, pick up one of the new R/M 1/32 snap autos or Testor's (old Hawk) quickkits and see if you can make yourself build it right from the box like you were a kid again; NO: air brush paint, CAs, reworking parts or AMS seam work.
I have so many things sitting around, when I get about half way through the cleaning, my interest gets going again on one of them or inspires another start :-)
Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Chuck Ryan
I had the same happen a about 12 years ago where I sold all my RC stuff, Got rid of all my models and everything to do with scale that I had. Did none of it for a few years until I went to a hobby shop and saw some new things and it started all up from there. Started racing, got some new models and so on. you can try to put everything away completely out of sight and see what happens. It may take a few weeks, months or years but it will come back. I find we need a break from our hobbies too. sometime we get too involved and it becomes work. We certainly don't want that.
Best thing you want is to enjoy. If not leave it for a bit. The joy and enthusiasm will come back.
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Stephan Brunet
John, Read a good Book (history related) and/or see a good movie. That usually gives me a good kickstart. Also try trains, I have a HO set I like to meddle with when models give me a blank stare.
HTH John
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John H.
Tell me about it!.June & July,I built like 3 models,then***stallout city!.I got too worked up on HOW I was going to do which model.every week,i needed a new paint color,fun trips!.Started painting the end of August,on & off.Then the big thing!,or so i thought ,got a Paasche airbrush & a good compressor,in sept.,they both are still in the box.I guess i'm trying to plan out the painting part,but keep going to a hand brush.Next model- those *&^%%^& little parts are getting paint on them BEFORE I start putting the damn thing togeather. (in elmer fudd:) oooohh! i'm so mad at my self!--ha,ha,ha,ha!. >John,
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It's not a problem to take some time off; this (for most of us) is a hobby, not a job. You'll get inspired by something eventually, and will re-find the fun.
What do you tend to model? Someone mentioned watching movies or reading books. I can't agree more!
--- Tontoni
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Stephen Tontoni
And if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, that 40% off coupon would work great towards a train set. ;-) John
John H. wrote:
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John DeBoo
Go to a hobby contest or show. Works every time for me. Steve
john wrote:
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Steve Collins
Well, thx for your thoughts and suggestions. I'm thinking maybe this is 'one of those things' that will, in time, come to pass. I'm hoping so, I did go out and buy a couple of kits today, a matilda and a grant 1/35 from tamiya, now I have to go find info on the to turn 'em into aussie brutes. I'm in Oz and want to do a series of vehicles in oz colors, done it with 1/72 planes already. Anyways thx again, take care and may all you believe in look over you. Tak
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The return to Standard Time usually is all I need to get me started.
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Art Murray

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