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First I would like to thank you men who provided the information on what to
bill for services. The information on justifying the service charge was
most helpful since I am 20 minutes from town to begin with. And Mr.
DeWeese...Your website was especially interesting. I truly enjoyed
exploring some of the links you provide. I just suppose 'CML' means
'Certified Master Locksmith'. Is that correct?
Next question: How much do I need to keep as far as records are concerned?
I already have acquired for myself 'vendor status' with a local
manufacturing company that owns three buildings in the south Jackson area.
And 'vendor status' is just a high-minded term they gave me to say that I
will get the first call if they need any work done. Yesterday, I re-keyed
two cylinders on one of the buildings (only used for storage at present) and
I re-keyed them in such as manner as to be a master key for that building,
but not the top master key. This was just in case the owner decided to have
all the buildings master keyed some time in the future. Was this a good
thing? How long do I hang on to the biting code for this set of locks? Do
I need a safe?
I thank you again for your help and letting me rely on your experience,
David Ferguson
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David Ferguson
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That is correct. BTW - My father is "Mr. DeWeese" I'm just Bobby. :)
Not sure if you mean key records or business records. As far as business records, you're supposed to keep them for seven years. If you are starting a business - especially for the first time - I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of a book called "Small Time Operator" by ? Kamoroff (Too lazy to stand up and pull the book off the shelf to get the first name). I found it extremely helpful when I started out.
Not unless the customer wanted and paid extra for it.
As far a keying (bitting) records, I only keep them for masterkey systems. And with few exceptions, I keep them for ever.
Everybody need a safe! :) If I get the gist of why you're asking... never keep unencrypted customer information of bitting lists.
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Bob DeWeese, CML
"David Ferguson" wrote in message
David, start out on the right foot, and get yourself a copy of 'Quicken QuickBooks's program, for all you billing, customer service, and accounting needs. You can also keep track of every customer and EVERY facet of you operation. I believe this type of program is an absolute MUST for any small business, and super fast & easy to use.
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