On the subject of kit hoarding - its getting bad folks

Am starting to have kits mailed to my work address. got them stacking
up on and under the desk.....
Appears to be a terminal disease...
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How big is the desk?
Military Modeling had a note of people having stashes kept at friends houses, moms, storage shed. Start having multiple locations, that's a kit stash.
Never had stuff at work, then again, there IS the coffee break....
You know those cubicle sections with the pull down covers could have made a decent paint booth, hmmm run the exhaust straight up, move it over and find some outlet somewhere in the overhead.....nice light fixtures, good solid work surface....
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So you go out on a Saturday morning - come home with all the kits - you passed a Garage sale - some poor guy bought the hobby shop in the sky, and his wife - not knowing what the stuff was worth - sold the lot for a dollar a kit. Make sure you open all the boxes and cut a few parts from the sprues, and loose a couple of instruction sheets to add to the realism.
I knew one guy who complained to his wife that he couldn't afford a real hobby like golf, (he was using payroll deduction to syphon off from his paycheck, on the surface it looked like he hadn't gotten a raise in 15 years) and had to settle with a kid's hobby with cheap plastic kits. Our joke was - if he passed on his wife would dump the lot for a new 20. I've actually seen cases where a surviving spouse tries to sell the old stash at a hobby show, and one of the honest guys goes over and says better muttiply your asking price by a large factor. Like these two dollar kits are worth at least 25.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Now go through the stash and start discarding--you know, that Aurora/ Monogram/Smer SE5a is never going to get built now that you've got the Roden kit--I'm sure you can fill in an equivalent for whatever you build. Tape up the box and give to Goodwill; some poor kid can have a few hours of fun for not much money.
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