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the icm pzk II ausf l?
it looks nice. any easy way to assemble track?
never done single links.
i like the box art with the chernobil 5km sign. was that
soviet era sarcasm?
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I have the ICM Luchs and think it is a nice kit. Purists will tell you that the Tasca kit is the one to get, but I don't know enough about one to care if it is super accurate or not.
Mine was covered in a thick tar-like substance in some spots. It took a good scrubbing with Simple Green to clean it off.
Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at
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Rob Gronovius
they must have gotten the word. mine i quite clean, required only the normal wash. seems very nicely moded. the singl piece tracks seem quite intimidating. tanks, rob.
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