Review - Eduard 1/48 scale US Navy Personnel 1942

Kit Review: Eduard 1/48 scale Kit No. 8506; US Navy Personnel 1942; 61
parts (38 in light olive styrene, 23 etched metal); price US$12.98
Advantages: great looking figures will set off any aircraft or armor
diorama or single model; etched brass tiny but well done
Disadvantages: sailors are a bit too generic (see text)
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all 1/48 scale armor and aircraft modelers
Eduard, like other companies such as Tamiya and ICM, has been
releasing nice sets of figures which compliment aircraft in diorama
settings. This set is designed for anyone modeling US Navy aircraft in
the 1941-1953 era.
The set provides six figures in various working poses, with each
figure consisting of six parts =96 head, torso, arms and legs. All of
the heads have nicely done features and details, which is hard to do
in 1/48 but Eduard seems to have a knack for doing this well.
Proportions and details are nicely done as well.
The kit provides a set of etched metal tools =96 wrenches, screwdrivers
and pliers =96 as well as two belts of ammunition and an ammo storage
bin. The belts are designed to fold over to give some =93heft=94 to the
casing end of the rounds, which is a nice idea but you better have a
Hold=92n=92Fold or Etch-Mate for these.
But the kit is somewhat disingenuous as what it shows on the box art
and what is inside do not match. The artwork shows a line chief and
five sailors with two wearing =93Dixie Cup=94 hats and the chief his
=93badge of office=94 of the time, the chief=92s cap. However, all six
figures inside the box are bareheaded. Also, none of the poses matches
the box art either.
The good news is that the figures are so generic =96 long pants and
shirts with two pockets and rolled-up sleeves =96 they can be used for
either Army, Navy, Army Air Corps, Marine or even Air Force personnel
from 1941 to 1953, so they are most useful from the standpoint of
fitting in to a diorama. Simply changing the uniforms from light blue
and dungarees to either olive green or khaki and the figures get a
Overall, the kit is a nice offering and with the understanding of how
generic it really is winds up being very useful for anyone modeling
American aircraft or armored vehicles.
Cookie Sewell
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