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A question for readers who live in Germany: of the spray paints available in the various Baumärkte, which, in your experience, is the most suitable for use on plastic models? I'm thinking particularly of primer for use as an undercoat with Revell or Humbrol enamels.

Regards, Philip

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most of the paints/colors available in "Baumärkte" are not recommended for modeling purposes. they're way to aggressive for using tem on plastic model kits. your only chance is to find water-based colors - but these colors are expensive too ... like model paint ...





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I use automotive primer in spraycans , you can get this in grey, white and red oxide colours. They work well and dry fast, no problem to put enamels or acrylics on top of them. You can find them in most automotive supply stores for about 5 euro for a big can.

Erik Wauters, Belgium

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"Bluemax" wrote

Well admittedly most of the ones I have seen contain acetone, but then so did the spray paints that I bought from DIY stores in England for modelling. With a little care, paints containing hot solvents can be used quite safely on polystyrene. I bought a few at the weekend and tried them on some thin plastic card without adverse results. Some (Praktiker, Bahr) appear to adhere better than others (Hornbach, Wal-Mart), with best results obtained from a water-based paint from Praktiker, which is unfortunately twice the price of the others. Next test is to see how they like having Humbrol enamel sprayed on top of them.

Thanks for your advice, Philip

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