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There is in the Dollar Store an item labeled as "flow-rite" Gel Pens.
They are just 4 inch long pens with the regular ball point tip and
barrel. The colors are red, blue purple, green, gold and silver. I
find the silver pen great for filling in the color for tiny goggles
and the vision ports on the Sherman cupola. Just write in the space
defined by the raised rim. For the gold pen draw the gold on the
casing of a belt of MG ammo. In both instances the edge of the paint
is sharp and precise. It beats painting with a brush. I haven't
found a use for the other colors yet. I think they will be great for
drawing trim lines on car models.
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I have found them handy for painting tiny details on car models. Chevrolets have red-white-blue in the 'bowtie' emblems on some cars and Chrysler 300s usually have the 300 emblem that requires the same colours. The silver comes in handy for small chrome emblems and strips on cars.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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