Pennance post #1 on latest obsession/project

OK as penance I will start an on topic thread.
My overall production hasn?t been that high but I have been getting better
and eagerly read various web forums as well as here for pointers.
My latest ?obsession? is the Renwal/Revell 8? SPH. While not a modern kit
by any means the general outline is pretty good even if the details are
weak. I?ve looked at Wm Vink?s build and it is very well done and I?ve
collected a number of relatively good pictures, some drawings a mess o?
websites with good pictures. No luck finding a TM though and not having
seen many personally I?m not sure which one to get anyway, that would have
relevant pictures that is.
Generally the outside is covered well and the inside isn?t. I?m limited to
shots through open doors and the light dark differential in many cases
obscures things further back.
The main thing I don?t like about Vink?s build that I don?t think he quite
got right is the powder and shell racks. The powder rack is to solid, it
should be more just metal bars welded together. The projectile rack is way
to big is protrudes almost to the rammer/spade hoist. There would be no way
for a person to walk around it.
I?m using the AFV Club 155 and 203 rounds and the Verlinden resin 8? shell
set to get the dimensions right (less the difference 1/32-1/35) I think I
got the pattern down right for the charge tube rack last night, need to
make 4 more and then add the verticals.
Anyway, I?ll post some pictures eventually hopefully it won?t look to bad.
I?ll try to keep notes of every little thing as best I can.
Thanks Cookie for answering my pesky questions and the guys at Armorama and
especially Missing Lynx have been great.
As a side note the idea is to scratch as much as possible, I have Verlinden
pioneer tools to replace the molded on ones, jerry cans, the ammunition as
AM. A skills test I suppose.
I'd like to do a dio with trucks resupplying. I have the Monogram M34 which
is only 2.5 tons and old tech. I have ordered the Eduard set for the M35A2
to dress it up (cheating a bit, I know) and there are a couple of really
well done builds on Armorama. Really well done.
The idea is to do it a period set piece with period kits.
To that end I seek a copy of the Revell (ex renwal) 1/32 Military Wrecker
to convert to an M35. Again I know it's regarded as a stinker but again
that's the challenge. I figure the Eduard set will help it too.
Biggest problem with that so far is that there is a ton of ref on the M35
but after several days of looking high and low the M34 seems, um, rather
undocumeted. I'm gonna ask the dude on Aromorama for what he has or where
he got it, but I've found like 3 pictures so far, one is a Timkins Axles
sale brochure, much more recent color picture sand/brown camo with an
upright(!) exhaust stack and a winch (but with the distinctive bed shape)
and an older B&W image but with an MG ring mount above the passenger seat.
Oddly enogh all are quarter views, passenger side front. I'm in the same
boat on the TM as I am with the M55, not sure which type to look for that
would have sufficient images.
I don't expect this to be done quick, but I hope it comes out good. I'm
thinking a USAEUR practice fire mission or a real-deal fire mission in
Vietnam. Since none of my figures (Renwal and Airfix multipose infantry)
appear to be in a warm climate it kinda narrows my choices. It's gonna be
sorta freelanced not a detail for detail reenactment though I want to make
a good effort.
Any comments on any of this mess?
M55, M34, M35?
Reference, pictures, etc.?
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The Renwal wrecker is an M62 gasser (later modified to the M543 diesel wrecker) but is on the original five ton chassis, which has little in common with the 2 1/2 tonner (the cab outside of the crew compartment is much larger with longer fenders). What you're looking to create is the M54 cargo truck.
The Monogram M34 is 1/35 scale at the end of the day - it CAN be converted to an M35 (takes two kits and a lot of spare plastic to fix the body and rear axles) but five tonners were more common in the artillery.
The Italeri M923/925 series is 1/35 scale as well and really has little in common with the M54 cargo truck you are thinking about.
To convert the wrecker to a cargo truck takes shortening the frame and then scratchbuilding a new body for it.
Cookie Sewell
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AMPSOne wrote in news:c7613df6-79db-4a15-95d7-f9d025967f31
Yeah I realized after the fact I meant M54. I could handle stretching the frame and making a cargo bed. I suppose I could combine the M35 and M925 to make an M54, there seems to be a good description of this conversion on Aromorama. But not in the spirit of the project.
Is the more recent Revell release a gas or diesel?
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ted text -
No, it's "shorten" the chassis!
The M62 was only built as a gasser, no diesels were involved with this model...
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AMPSOne wrote in news:c2085aff-f121-424e-8bd8-200363ce99a8
Oops, I thought you meant the KIT was modified.
Hey shortening!? Even easier!
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