Posts Improving

Now getting better than half of the number of posts indicated and growing.
Never did figure out what happened. At one point the posts indicated would be
around 70 and the number actually on the site was about ten.
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AOL... ;-p
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Al Superczynski
I'm still only getting about 10-20 showing up each day and I know there are more posts than that coming in. My DSL is still down (thanks Verizon!) and I'm still using dial-up for access.
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Bill Woodier
Here in the UK, and definitely not AOL, the feeds aren't too good either. I've tried a few news servers and they all seem patchy - some topics on one and not on others, and vice versa. Yesterday saw a sudden influx from around the 6th. My money's on server upgrades following those php attacks - I think Flying Frogs website was taken down and needs to be rebuilt because of them
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You would if you were signed up for any image-intensive Yahoo! groups. Or if you were running a website and uploading files...
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Al Superczynski
I did hear that the Teamster's Union was out on strike recently...
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Rob Grinberg
You might be on to something. They're staging a strike against a garbage hauler in NJ.
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