Revell B-25 Micthell 1/72

Hello, As someone had look at the new Revell B-25 1/72? Is it the hasegawa one? And what are the decals? Manuel

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Jose-Manuel Estevez
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it's possible that's the old Matchboxkit? Because, Revell of Germany, repoped some old Matchboxkits like the Heinkel He 70 and some tanks in 1/76 scale.


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its the Hase, i checked out the mouldings, and each spue is like A B C D etc just like Hase, def not Mbox. looks good, i never saw the orig. Decals as Indonesia and US. cant rememeber exaclt y but look good.

I checked out the New Revell Mig21. Nice but a nasty sink mark below the cockpit on the outside. I need to check my Bilek kit upstars and make sure its nots the same although i dont think it is. lots of decal options.

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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales

Yes, though apparently it only has the strafer nose rather than the clear one (boo hoo!!)

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