Pro Modeler B-25J questions

What exactly does this kit consist of?
Is it merely a rebox of the standard R/M B-25J with different decals and
maybe PE, or did they actually rework the mold with engraved lines, etc.?
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It is a modified reissue of the Monogram B-25J, representing a glass nose aircraft field modified to strafer configuration with 5 x .50 cal guns in the glass nose. Basically, they add two extra holes to the glass nose and add parts for two more guns in the nose compartment. The plastic is in gray, but it still retains the raised panel lines of the standard kit.
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Dave Williams
The B-25 that is out now in a standard Rev/Mon box has the Pro-modeler version in it. You of course don't get the swanky instruction booklet nor is the box art as striking as the Promodeler box (imo). No recessed lines but still an awesome model. (again imo)
Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant

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