Entex history mysteries ...

After years of speculation, I've managed to solve a mystery of sorts.
From almost the first day I bought one sometime back around 1980, the
box art on the Entex 1/20 scale BMW 3.5 CSL puzzled me. While it was
clearly a builtup model of a 3.5 CSL model, it was definitely not the
one inside that box. The decals photographed were, AFAIK, never found
inside (although another mysterious set of 'Hermetite' decals was!) and
the model's body was different in a number of subtle ways. I've now
had three of these kits as well as the same kit repopped and stuck into
"Union Model" boxes as the G=F6sser Bier/Schnitzer car (which *does*
have photos of the correct builtup on the box).
I thought I had it pinned down to another 'Entex' kit; the 1/16 scale
offering with a set of custom made decals. For years, that was my
story. Last week, an ebay buy set me straight and gave me a new
surprise. I bought a 1/20 scale Nitto Kagaku BMW 3.5 CSL kit from a
guy who also owned at least one of the Entex kits but who had
apparently never compared them directly. I dug out one of my Entexes
last night and started comparing them. I figured the Nitto would be
just an earlier incarnation of this mold, but I found they were totally
different! The Nitto is a curbside (Entex has an engine/transmission)
that displays *each* of the subtle differences on the Entex box, from
front air dam and grille to the rear wing and undertray. Not only
that, but the decal set is *exactly the same set* as pictured on the
Entex box. IT'S A NITTO MODEL used as the box art FOR A TOTALLY
Now, it's no surprise to me that Entex simply boxed up other
manufacturers' kits (Bandai, Otaki, etc.) and sold them under their
name. What amazes me is that someone in the organization thought it
was a good idea to use a (probable) competitor's model for their box
art. So who knows who was involved in Entex? What's the whole story
of this company? Curious minds want to know ...
C=2ER. Krieger
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