[Q] Badger 100 needle questions

I'm currently using a Badger 100 LGXF. I plan to get a larger spray head.. was wondering how large the spray from a medium or large head will get.

In addition, what are the differences in the 3 needle types? They're obviously the same diameter to fit in the needle tunnel, so are the only differences the shape of the tip? Do I have to use medium needles for medium spray heads, and so on?

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Sir Loin of Beef
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Yes, the shape and sharpness of the tips are different for each. I recall people saying you could use a smaller needle in a larger nozzle, but I wouldn't, myself. Each needle is shaped to fit its corresponding nozzle, to give proper continuity of spray patterns from closed to full open. Pip Moss

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Pip Moss

The taper on the tip is different also, if you use miss matched tips/needles you risk damaging the tip, needle or both

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