Quick LQQK Mini Art SU 76M

Hi all.
My kid just got the 1/35 Mini Art SU 76M SPG.
First look, and Wow, Mini Art seems to be quite on the ball.
All sprue's are in a light gray plastic as with the current
Parts count is 607, tho the separate tracks which are
well done, eat up quite a few.
The gun itself is almost 40 parts total, and the fighting
compartment around the gun looks fairly well detailed.
Moldings seem to be crisp and well done, tho mold release
agent is on some of the parts.
No soft parts, and VERY little flash (nice) There are some
small pieces here.
Side armour panels keep the same thickness throughout.
Fine sprue attachment points for the most part, and put
in intelligent places.
Shells for the gun seem to be well done, and there are a
LOT of them. (looks like almost a full load)
Lower hull crisp and well molded, lower hull is complete
except for the stern plate.
Road wheels and return rollers crisp, well defined. No
hassle painting the molded in tires here. (sharp rim)
The instructions are the typical exploded diagrams, not
as pretty as the current Dragon one's, but they are clear
and not as crowded. They are getting better at language
Nice full color marking guide, shows several vehicles.
Decals are yellowed, and tho it's not a problem on the
white areas, the clear film has the same cast. They look
more yellowed that some decals I've had since the 70's...
Included figure set well done, as noted before the faces
are very (!!) well done.
So far it looks like a winner, I'll find out very soon.
Downside are the decals really do look bad. With proper
cutting out, and vehicle weathering they should work Ok.
The gun appears to be well done, certainly better than
the old Italeri kit of the 7.62 cm gun by far.
This is a better SU 76 M effort than the Alan (DML) kit !!
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