Quiet compressors - suggestions?

Thinking of replacing the Campbell-Hausfield with something quiet. Any
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While it was really expensive ... I love my SilentAire eco air 20. It is as quiet as a refrigerator. I bought it when I lived in an apartment and wanted to be able to airbrush late at night without freaking out the neighbors. It was about $400 when I bought it.
I bought it from dixie art. The equivalent model today would be the Super Silent 20-A.
Aside from the price, the only other drawback for me is that it gets hot with long sessions. Even in a cool basement with a small fan blowing on it.
I have a loud Campbell-Hausfield home depot compressor with regulator/filter as backup when I'm doing long sessions. Which is not often.
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John McGrail
If you want really quiet go with a 20 pound bottle of CO2. You can get a regulator for about $35 at Harbor Freight as well as the adapters for your air brush. A 20 pound bottle will get you through at least a dozen kits.
Thinking of replacing the Campbell-Hausfield with something quiet. Any suggestions?
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ftauss wrote in news:XnsA1D523BA7533ByeByeBo@
Thanks guys. Didn't want to go for the Millionaire silents, to much. Got a Badger TC-910 from Micheals with a 40% off coupon. 47db. Not bad at all.
$220 after discount. It was advertised cheaper online but was "not in stock". Other prices were comparable with shipping.
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"Tom" wrote in news:kom1cl$pu3$1@dont- email.me:
I did the tank think briefy. It ran out at an inopportune time. I got a beautiful regulator and then found an old stock Johnson control gauge on eBay. 2 for $10. 0 to 30 psi 270 degree sweep. I mounted the regulator with it's water trap the 30 psi gauge and a 2 port manifold on it mounted to the wall. 1 gravity feed, 1 bottom feed attached to it. Pretty happy with it.
The Badger TC910 seems like a winner. Has mounts for 2 airbrushes (happily perfect for my 2). At least when it starts up I can still hear the TV.
My man cave/workshop is isolated so noone else was bothered by the CH unless they were in the garage or the kitchen or the back deck. Bedrooms are far enough away to not be a problem. But it was giving me a headache.
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