Re: ARM: Italeri 1/35 Scale M47 Patton II (Re-release)

Kit Review: Italeri 1/35 Scale Kit No. 4265; M47 Patton II (also
> released as Italeri Kit No. 208, Kit No. 265, and Testors/Italeri Kit
> No. 802); 275 parts (273 in either green or olive drab styrene, 2 in
> black vinyl); price, current release about US $38; older kits available
> at shows for $10-20
> Advantages: best kit Italeri ever produced, still state of the art > today

Ahhhh...that brings back memories. Years ago, Squadron
had the yellow-boxed Testor's release in their monthly
flyer for a whopping $2.99. A certain Mr. C. "Panzer" M.,
and I....splurged and bought about 15 of the suckers.
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