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> > > >>>says... >>> >>> >>>>On an allied aircraft with D-Day stripes applied to the >>>>undersurfaces, > > > Somewhat related... > > "Band Of Brothers" has been showing on The History Channel lately. > I've been very impressed with the accuracy and authenticity of the > equipment portrayed. In one of the early episodes where the troops are > preparing for D-Day, there are several shots of the C-47s that will be > used to drop them into France. I noticed that the black and white > invasion stripes on the C-47s do not have edges that are staight lines. > They look like they were hand painted by brush which duplicates how > many planes were actually painted. I was very impressed by this one > small detail and eagerly watched the rest of the series feeling that > the movie's producers had really done their homework. > > Martin >

The paragraph in light text explains why!

The same went for the Luftwaffe day to night finishes too.


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Richard Brooks
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Somewhat less related...

Another nice detail was the Zippo lighters. ISTR all of them were black in the show, which fits in with the fact that the Zippos issued to the troops were apparently made with inferior metal in the covers which leaked, so they were coated with some type of black enamel. There are many instances of attention to detail in this show which I found quite impressive.

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Tom Gourlie

Although Band of Brothers showed great attention to detail, in the scene where the C-47's depart for the invasion there is a shot of a pilot in the cockpit with a pair of contemporary David Clark headsets. They have a characteristic light green color (I have four pair) and are obvious in the shot.

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