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What you need to do is get hold of the 2/2003 issue of the Russian magazine
"Tankomaster". Sergey Kirsanov has a great article in there which covers 20
(yes, TWENTY!) different variations on T-34 tank hulls from the Model 1939
prototype to the Model 1945 T-34-85 variants.
The article shows that the numbers of bolts vary over the years by factory,
time and model of tank being produced.
Cookie Sewell
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Excellent. Sounds a like a must grab if it has that many in it. Uhm, is it in English or Cyrillic?
That doesn't surprise me. I got the Barbarossa books about the T-28 and T-35, and the author states that there were few of either tank that were exactly alike. I bet that made maintenance fun...
Thanks for the reference,
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Alas, this is one of their "all Russian" issues and there are no translations. Some of the drawings you can fudge as they do give the dates or the factory numbers.
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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