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those Canuks are

>letting the Koreans rape their entire inventory?

Letting isn't the proper term. Apparently Academy thinks since the molds are in their building they can produce the models and sell them wherever. Those are Hobbycrafts' property. One of the many dangers of overseas production. Apparently it's standard business practice in Asia to ignore copywrights and patents.

I wanted to know if the P-40 was the long tail like Amtech is producing. Somehow I doubt it.


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Ya wanna bet it isn't the -B body with an -F nose grafted on?


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And an inaccurate B Body at that. Actually, Monogram's ancient P-40B was accurate in outline. Since Hobbycraft got the Curtiss P-36 right, I have never been able to understand how they got the P-40 wrong. If you think I'm kidding, match one side of the P-36 fuselage with the other side of the P-40 Fuselage. From the firewall back, they should match up. They don't! The P-40 fuselage is too deep in profile.

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