[Q]Tsukada 1/9 alien warrior?

I beleive this is quite rare now.. does anyone know if halcyon
released this in their own boxing before, or is it a tsukada
exclusive? I really like the dynamic pose.
I know halcyon has a Alien 3 warrior, but is it the same thing?
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Sir Loin of Beef
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Halcyon had three different Aliens in 1/9, the Alien3 and two versions of the Aliens2, one with the egg base and one without the egg with different, outstretched arms. I haven't seen the Tsukuda boxings of these.
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Yes the Tsukuda kits are the Halcyon Aliens. I have seen at my local shop the Alien3, Alien Warrior, and Predator. I think they also repopped one of the vehicle kits but not sure which one. I thought the Halcyon kits were expensive when I bought them all ( Except the Nostomo :-(( ). But my local shop wants a princely sum for these at about 39.00 each. If I were to pony up 39.00 for one it would definitely be the Alien3. This model has to be the most detailed and dynamically posed creature ever produced in styrene plastic. Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant

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