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Howdy all:

It's been quite a while since I posted here, so I'll reintroduce myself to everyone and to the regulars. I'm Jon Fincher, a member of IPMS Seattle, and back in the day, when I was a regular RMSer, I went by the handle Rama Lama Vroom Vroom (corny, but what the hey). I model just about everything, but since my club is overrun with military modellers, I try to do different things (civilian automobiles mostly, but figures as well, and the occasional WWII airplane or tank).

Anyway, I had a small accident yesterday with a Halcyon Alien model yesterday, breaking off the tip of his tail and losing it in my condo's dumpster (don't ask - I should have put the model down before trying to throw my garbage away).

So, I'm looking for someone who may have this kit (Halcyon Alien from the Alien 3 series), have the tail, and be willing to loan it to me so I can cast a replacement. I'm also checking my other Alien figures (a non-ID'd resin kit, and AMT's Alien) to see if I can use their tails, but it's not looking promising so far. The Halcyon kit is tought to come by - I ran across is last year at our annual show and scooped it the minute I saw it.

I've been to JM's Parts Yard, but it's looking a bit sparse in terms of participation from non-aircraft modellers, so I figured I'd post here as well.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to being more active in the group moving forward.


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There are loads of places in the UK selling the Halcyon kit, I have seen it in Model shops and advertised in the likes of Model Mart.


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Mark Stevens

Welcome back!! I look forward to the Rama Lama thread again.


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Bob Sasak

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Uggghhh. . . .


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I promise I won't mention it again, Kurt.. :-)

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