Re: Largest Copter Carrier?

Largest scale Iwo Jima? a deck full of choppers sounds intriguing. a

>change of pace from all the clean lines of jets, etc......

We had a beeg copter 'carrier' in the late Sixties....our C-133A which would haul FIVE Hueys per trip to Saigon, and then bring back five shot-up ones from Danang. :)

Bondo Phil MAC Nav (Ret.)

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Isn't the Moskva bigger? How about Jean D'Arc?

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Frank May

I think the original question was about the largest Iwo Jima class *model* available.

Scott G. Welch

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A fellow in my RC scale boat club has a 1/96 scale model of the LHA-- it is about 10 feet long.

I believe the Scale Shipyard has a fiberglass hull for that class >

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RC Boater

Oh. And I have yet to see the original post!!

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Frank May

There were seven "Iwo Jima" class LPHs built, (Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Guam, Tripoli, New Orleans, and Inchon) between 1959 and 1970.

Aurora released a kit of the Guadalcanal in the 1960s in 1/600th scale, now the kit normally goes for $100+ on eBay.

Waveline has the Iwo Jima (out of stock) and Okinawa in 1/700th scale for $64.99 and $59.99 respectively.

LPHs were just under 592' long and 84' wide with a draft of 26', they displaced up to 18,300 tons with a max speed of 20 knots. (though when I was on them they never did more than about 12 or 15 knots)

LHAs are somewhat larger with a length approaching that of WWII Essex Class carriers and can handle more aircraft as well as amphibous craft.


Jonathan Primm

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